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An autumnal wild pigeon recipe from Pascal Aussignac includes an ineffably smooth Jerusalem artichoke puree and hazelnuts

Galton Blackiston comes up with a wonderfully wintery dish, using the comforting flavours of pork belly, apple and a creamy garlic purée

Adam Grey's pigeon recipe pairs the roast squab with a simple celeriac salad for a surprisingly easy meal. This recipe is a wonderful way to prepare pigeon.

James Sommerin's mackerel recipe is a creative take on mackerel fillets. Pickled beetroot, horseradish and white chocolate add a daring taste to the mackerel.

Simon Hulstone shares his fabulous mackerel pâté recipe with pickled cucumber recipe. Simon Hulstone is famous for his fantastic fish and seafood dishes

Lisa Allen’s intricate guinea fowl recipe pairs guinea fowl breast with earthy mushrooms and a silky smooth parfait in a crispy feuille de brick shell.