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they have the phone             stupid

Day The idiots who make us laugh. The idiots who make you wonder why? And make you speechless. I don't always want to be around them and they frustrate me to help, but im glad there are some idiots out there, comedy gold.

Mom, Are You High? LMAOO it made me laugh so hard! #funny

Damn You Auto Correct! - Page 31 of 3494 - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

I dont usually repin these but i couldnt stop laughing picturing this

Texts From Dog. I'm gonna get a dog, and teach it how to text me.

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Time is presented to us every second of every day what we do in the seconds god allows us to stay on this big blue earth should give us all the energy to spend it doing positive things for ourselves and for the ones around us

El Despacho: El Despacho està debajo del cuarto de juegos

It's a library and home office wrapped into one. Marble countertops, amazing woodwork and unique wood ceilings make this home office one of a kind.