Surfer Garrett McNamara greatest waves - in pictures

Garrett McNamara surfing a record breaking approximately 100 foot wave in Nazaré Portugal. He previously held the record for a 90 foot wave also at Nazaré. Photo by Tó Mané.


The Palestine boy seems to be the underdog at first sight but he seems pretty secure. I think the world is swopping their roles. I think the Israelian boy really needs that gun.


This Chilling Letter To JFK& Press Secretary Warned Against The President& Visit To Dallas

Mexico Teacher Demonstrations

Mexico Teacher Demonstrations


An energy map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the intensity of the tsunami caused by the magnitude earthquake which struck Japan on March

Teachers on strike at Largo do Machado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News

Striking teachers from the local and state held a demonstration on Sunday, August to protest the ultimatum issued by City Hall declaring penalties.

Definitely the wrong way to take a pic of a child!

A old Israeli soldier named Mor Ostrovski posted a photo of what appears to be a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of his rifle.