Collage Meets Pattern - Madame Gilles

These amazing collaged masterpieces are the creative work of Montreal based artist Madame Gilles. Her cut and paste work has been popping up around the str

Identity portraits that are torn together by John Clang

Kollaasi - Hopenhagen by John Clang. This would also be lovely using photo's of your child taken at different ages

A Level Art

A Level Art - beautiful pen studies: see how the use of different grounds can add to the 'story' or feel of a work.

A Level Art

Chino Otsuka - deep fried and frozen photos actual photo media physical manipulation. Yea I could dig this.

A Level Art

Here Sophie begins to develop her portraits, overlaying images as she explores viewpoints and composition. The bottom painting has been worked over with coloured pencil and is one of the most striking and mature pieces of her A Level submission.

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