Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Valeria Pulici

Portfolio ss16 overview

Fashion Sketchbook showing fashion illustrations, fashion design developmen, fashion portfolio created by Valeria Pulici

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations & textile samples; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim

portfolio final collection

The positive about this piece of work is that it shows 3 different ways, samples of the fabric, illustrations and flats all used with the same print.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development; fashion drawings; fashion portfolio // Faye Tilbrook

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Fashion Portfolio - Jil Sander project, fashion design development board - fashion illustration; fashion sketchbook // Eleanor Layton

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Fashion Portfolio - fashion sketchbook drawings & fashion design development - layout; fashion illustration // Natalie Martin

Really like this for a portfolio page layout. Individual illustrations with the coloured specs to go with the illustration. Inspiration images referenced alongside as well.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion drawings; fashion design process; fashion portfolio // Georgia Mottershead

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Fashion Illustration Presentation

Fashion Sketchbook - geometric fashion design & concept development for the chalky pastel, gem-inspired "Facets" collection; fashion portfolio // Nancy Robinson by sallie

sketchbook idea- combination of elements page. image selected from graduate work on

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