A collection of Forest School activities, ideas and lesson plans.

This sections contains a list of EYFS and planning and activity documents intended to promote a healthy disposition to outdoor learning.

DIY Forest School VII: What's in the Bag? Fun and educational nature activity for preschoolers from Rain or Shine Mamma.

DIY Forest School VII: What's in the Bag

Forest School Activities

Forest School Activities Nice idea to just make the frame and hang it in the garden for spiders to make their own webs in.

Teach the kids fire safety, building and skills using fairy fires! via Wilder Child

Learning fire skills and safety for kids using fairy fires :: how to make a camp fire :: camping activity

Children play outside, painting at the Creation Station at The Little Forest Folk school based on Wimbledon common, South London.

Open fires and pointy sticks: The rise of Scandi-style nurseries in the UK

The Scandinavian ‘forest school’ model is spreading across the UK as more reports are revealing that British children are among the most housebound and screen addicted in the world.

Journey Sticks - A Fun Outdoor Activity For Children – Tigershark Apparel Ltd

Journey sticks have been used for a long time by many native peoples around the globe. They can help retell a story / journey with items that are collected alon

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