HA' PENNY CUSHION - These rainbow rascals are hand-woven in Varanasi from 100% wool. The reverse stitching detail is enough to make our mouths water...YUM.
LIL' MUCKER STORAGE SHELVES Every bit as handsome as Big Mucker, this neat little book shelf is unassuming, subtle and really, really handy. Don't mind me.
BIG MUCKER SHELVING UNIT A glorious union of our beached timber and cannonball metal, Big Mucker gets the job done. End of.
CLAP TRAP COFFEE TABLE Is it a coffee table? Is it a storage unit? Who cares! All we know is that it's an absurdly cool square of wickedness.
RUDYARD DESK This slab of beached timber gorgeousness is an organiser's dream. Its four cubby holes are waiting to be filled with pencils, rulers and the inevitable rubber band ball.
CLYDE STORAGE BOX What's Bonnie without Clyde? This half of the daring duo is a perfectly beached and bleached storage box that's so spacious, it's almost criminal.
BONNIE WALL SHELF WITH HOOKS Arguably Clyde's better half, Bonnie is a sassy seven-hooked shelf that's as practical as she is pretty.
SUPER SUCRE KITCHEN CUPBOARD A new incarnation of our immensely popular Sucre sideboard, this heavenly beached timber larder is a kitchenista's dream. Pass the sugar...
DINKY WALL CUPBOARD Reminding us a bit of the cubby holes we used to have at school, there's a place for everything in this beached beauty. Superb.

More ideas
SPLAT. Based on a lovely table we saw while playing "Splat The Rat" at a village fete (as one does). We love the reclaimed timber which really takes it up a notch.
The Croquet storage ottoman was inspired by an old croquet box that our Charlie has in his shed. Our lovely one is made from reclaimed fir.
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Pip kitchen bench
HIGH FIVE. Big it up for this cool shelving unit! Made of gunmetal and reclaimed timber, we've even included some bookends in case you need them. The devil's in the detail after all.
Our Tiger is a seriously cool ladder style shelving unit. It is hand made by our skilled craftsmen out of lovely beached timber.
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