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Check out these beauties from our latest collection! Say hello to new fabrics, squishy sofas and other brilliant stuff!
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The Dixie sofa has a glamorous, pre-war feel to it. With its faded grandeur but extremely high squish factor, it's ideal for retiring to for a cup of tea or three.

Dixie Sofa

British made Dixie sofa in Bahama plush velvet is a modern and comfy chesterfield sofa

Dimple is cuter than a bug's knee. Have you ever seen a bug's knee? They're pretty cute. This buttoned and stuffed little footstool is comfy under foot and lovely on the eye.

Dimple Footstool

Our Chesterfield style Dimple footstool. This yellow velvet deep-buttoned beauty is handmade in Blighty!

Loaf's button-backed Happy sofa upholstered in Mermaid velvet and styled with fresh blooms

Happy Sofa

Loaf's button-backed Happy sofa upholstered in Mermaid blue velvet sat on white painted floor boards

Loaf's deep filled Atticus sofa upholstered in a soft Putty pink

Atticus sofa

Atticus is squidgier than a squidgy thing from Squidgeville, your afternoon snooze is now sponsored by this comfy, contemporary sofa. Shown here in a lovely dusty pink linen.

"Happy?" we were asked when this sofa first came to life. "Not quite," we replied. But a tiny tweak later to give the fabric a slightly looser, more relaxed feel, we definitely were. Bring on the happy!

Happy Sofa

Our Happy sofa is a beautiful button back sofa. The fabric is slightly looser to give a laid-back relaxed feel. Choose from over 100 fab fabrics!

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