I love the colour-focused styling of these culinary stacks by Dutch design duo Raw Color. The still life photographs were created for the opening of Martin Creed’s revamp of the iconic Sketch restaurant in London and feature dis .


Raw Color Food & Art Exhibition I feel as though it's trying to bring food out of its normality and using the foods DNA and natural design to combine textures and colours.

meg hitchcock:   religious rewritings

Brooklyn artist Meg Hitchcock weaves together spiritual passages by cutting up religious texts letter by letter.

di liu: animal regulation

Di Liu - Animal Regulation no. 2010 (C-print, 80 x 60 cm. edition of min favorittavla.


Raw colour - Photographing the layers of cabbage experimenting with the natural shape created and the colour contrast of the purple and the white.

Bernard Plossu

Bernard Plossu

Nobodies - Joshua Lake

Nobodies - Joshua Lake


is a project about the power of natural color. Vegetables are transformed to a natural ink to feed a new printing process. This process enables the viewer to watch the posters print slightly grow. A ingredient returns as icon.

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