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Transformed :: Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden- I should do this but instead of hanging the jars like this I can put them in the built-in wall spice rack in our kitchen!

Mason Jar Lanterns Hanging Tea Light Luminaries - Set of 10

Mason Jar Lanterns Hanging Tea Light by TheCountryBarrel on Etsy - easy DIY! Small chain link, mason jars, decorative nonflammable filler and candles! Tap a hole with a nail for the chain to attach to the jar lid. And done!


How to Create Professional Looking DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Beautiful center pieces or just around the house- rocks, flower of your choice (maybe string it to a rock by the stem so it doesn't float) in a vase, fill with water, add small candle and voila-on the mantle?

monogrammed mason jars

Wedding favors: used as drink cups or filled with candy. ==== My wedding favors: Decorated glass lid mason jar with personalized message that the guests get to fill up with candy from the candy bar, to take home! s wedding

Cool blue storage.

DIY aqua mason jars, you can mimic the aqua/turquoise look on clear jars with the help of transparent glass paint.

Mason jar weeds

Bachelorette Party in The Hamptons from Amy Rizzuto Photography

Mason jars filled with soft wheat grass - Bachelorette party in The Hamptons from Amy Rizzuto Photography

Mason jar fence

Fun DIY project for the backyard. Well now! I've got lots of candle jars from our old homes an now we have no trees in our yard but we do have a wood fence along the back!

Mason jar chandelier

Montgomery Wedding by Amy Majors Photography

mason jar & hose clamps

This Mason Jar Organizer project is a very simple idea to make into storage jars/organizer. Just mason jars, some molding, and a few hardware supplies.

mason jar vase 2

Is there a wedding décor detail as beloved as the Mason jar? We think not — unless it’s the more elusive blue Mason jar. Here are some photos of beautiful and creative blue mason jar wedding ideas. These blue wedding .

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Modern Art; handig om je kleine spulletjes in op te bergen in hangende potten (schroef de deksels ergens onder.)

Baby food jar screwed into shelf for craft storage. Might be cute for spices in the kitchen. Except that baby food jars don't seal air-tight. Bought jars from Hobby Lobby maybe?

do it yourself country wedding decorations | ... com/bridal-news/do-it-yourself/top-7-12-easy-diy-mason-jar-decorations

frascos diy easy do-it-yourself mason jar decorating You will need to figure out what to do after the wedding with all the jars! This gave me the thought to use a mason jar to pour our unity sand into.

Mason Jars - Twenty Five Creative Ways to Use Them

Perfect for my Mason jar obsession. 25 ways to creatively use mason jars. Jars are awesome!

110 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars — lamp, candle, storage, and decor ideas galore! by mvaleria

110 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars — lamp, candle, storage, and decor ideas galore! I LOVE mason jar idea for my wedding

Sharing some great Office Organization Tips to help you get the clutter under control and even pretty. Who doesn't love that?

20 Office Organization Tips

Foster creativity by making art supplies easily accessible to kids at all times - great idea for an art corner. Mason jar knockoffs from the dollar store and i could do this for the kiddos! (I already use them for my art, craft, and sewing stuff!

Use a ladder for a vintage towel holder!

I love this rustic old stepladder repurposed as a towel rack. Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas: An antique stepladder slips neatly next to the sink in this vintage style bathroom. Its been repurposed to provide a place for toiletries and towel storage.

15 Creative ways to use Mason jars on I Heart Nap TIme

15 Ways to Use Mason Jars!

15 creative ways to use mason jars -such a fun DIY craft! I really hope I can do some of these awesome crafts!

I see these baskets at the thrift store frequently

like the idea, i would pick a different basket though. Nail this basket to the wall for a place to store hand towels in our downstairs half bath. The baskets handle is used to hang the towels for guests to dry their hands.

Girls, make-up tidy for your bathrooms

Holiday Guide Has Great Ideas for Gift Givers Who Love Eco-Friendly and Handmade

Makeup or jewelry storage-dinner plate, salad plate, and candlestick.I would spray paint the whole thing after assembly though. I don't want it to look like 2 plates and a candle holder.

Wine rack for towels

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas: Rolled up towels fit perfectly in a standing wine rack. This is a great storage solution and keeps towels within easy reach. Its also very decorative. Choose towels in colors to coordinate with your bathroom decor.