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27 People That Had One Job and Still Failed Miserably - 9GAG

27 People That Had One Job and Still Failed Miserably - this is hilarious

Or maybe pizza and beer?

Which Adorable Food Pair Are You And Your Best Friend? I got: chocolate and marshmellow your friendship is sweet your personalitys have started to meld its hard to remember who started the latest inside joke because it could have been either one of you

Re-Pin By @siliconem - Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies,this is making me hungry just looking at it

The BEST EVER chocolate chip cookies just got a makeover - super soft and chewy and stuffed with caramel, the flavor and texture is absolute perfection in this chocolate chip cookie recipe!

This better work

I can't afford bad luck right now. Haha I don't want bad luck so yeah

I did all of it

I did all of it>>>I just skipped to number 8 and laughed that I didn't do it>>this is funny

Ok no one cares about this caption right?? Most of you will forward this and leave it how it is now, and not give me credit for making it. And I'm ok with that. Repin and sign you name if you agree that it doesn't matter if you get credit for some stupid caption<<Grace moore<< Audrey Murcko<<

I could read it. Can you read it? Repost if you can please. --> I can read this. Its actualy pretty easy.

Comment? I'll Follow Anyone Who Gets It 100% Right And Give A Shoutout To Anyone Who Gets More Than Half Right x

Anyone up for it?I will comment answers after 20 people comment what they think