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a wooden table topped with lots of crafting supplies and text overlay that reads how to seal papers for resin
How to Seal Paper for Resin So It Looks Its Best - Resin Obsession
Keep your papers in resin looking awesome! Click pin to learn how to seal them before adding epoxy. . . . . #resin #resinjewelry #resincrafts #resinobsession
three seashell pendants with the words beachy resinin pendants on them
DIY Seashore Resin Jewelry
a pink blow dryer sitting on top of a table next to a white plate
Master Using A Heat Gun For Resin With These Tips - Resin Obsession
three measuring cups filled with liquid and the words, top tips for measuring resinin
How to Measure Resin so it Cures Properly
a woman with her mouth open and the caption reads, 5 things i wish i had known about resin crafting before i got started
5 Things You Need To Know Before Crafting With Epoxy - Resin Obsession
resin crafting tips
how to layer resin on paper plates with glitter and butterfly decorations for kids's crafts
How to Layer Resin - Happily Ever After, Etc.
Drying flowers With a microwave
Making Spring concept epoxy keychains
flowers are shown with the title how to press flowers different ways to create your own
How to Press Flowers to Make Beautiful Gifts
Did you know that you can press flowers in a book? Come see this easy method, a couple of other methods, and a few great handmade gift ideas for your beautiful pressed flowers.
a book cover with yellow flowers in vases, and a hand holding a pencil
How to Prep Flowers to Put in Resin
Get the Answers to the questions you ask about preparing flowers for resin - questions like "Can you put fresh flowers in resin?"; "How do you dry them?"; Do they need to be sealed?"; and many more. Also find links to articles for further reading.
how to make key chains with glitter letters and tassels
How To Make Resin Keychains
a person in blue gloves is stirring something into a bowl with the words 5 ways to make
Resin Mistakes that Beginners Make