The Grant Museum is a natural history collection covering the entire animal kingdom, including many rare and extinct specimens. Based in Bloomsbury, embrace your curious side at this museum for free!

Head to the National Maritime Museum and recall the romance of the great ocean liners, appreciate the elegance of Prince Frederick’s golden barge and delve into the traditions of maritime London without splashing out!

Geffrye Museum London - Visitor Information

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The Geffrye Museum in east London gives an insight into how Londoners have lived over the years. It's a museum of English domestic interiors and has room sets from 1600 right up to today.

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Hals, Frans The Laughing Cavalier 1624 Oil on canvas 86 x 69 cm The Wallace Collection, London

Wellcome Collection is a groundbreaking space devoted to exploring the impact of medicine on our lives, through an extraordinary mix of galleries, events and library.

This fascinating museum tells the story of the Bank of England since its foundation in 1694 to its role in today's economy. There's even a genuine gold bar which may be handled!


Imperial War Museum London tells the story of those whose lives have been shaped by war from the First World War to the present day.

Tate Modern Guide: Tate Modern - Introduction

Tate Modern London Visitor Information

The Selector super portable before conservation (Source: Science Museum / SSPL)

The Selector super portable before conservation (Source: Science Museum / SSPL)

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