old lace

Arsenic and Old Lace – by Maija DeRoche

antique lace collar

Duchesse bobbin lace "This Belgian lace style developed in the Parts were constructed separately with filmy linen stitch or half stitch, and then assembled." duchesse or fine bloomwork

irish lace

They often use crocheted imitations of the lace – the Irish crocheted lace – for the dressing items, which change according to the latest fashion.

lace cuffs

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elizabethan lace

Ruff century This accessory was worn by both men and women, and was made of very stiff lace. The ruff is worn around the neck, and is one of the most characteristic garments of this time period.

bigouden lace coiffs

My grand ma had these. I had one made for my daughter at the Fete de Quimper.

bigoudin lace coiff

bigoudin lace coiff

lace cuffs

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