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Sheer Black Nail Art nail art by Celine Peña

Original Source - was inspired by Doshi Doshi Doshi Dmyterko for the fabulous sheer black look. and my favorite, did this awesome lace look which I recreated. ☺️ The sheer black was made by adding a few drops of black polish to clear polish.

New look Tumblr - Inspire Takeover #plussize #newlookfashion  #inspire  #curvy

New look Inspire Takeover

Need a fun party game for your Frozen party? This Practically Perfect Frozen Party game is appropriately named "Frozen Heart". It is played like the classic game "Hot Potato". Premise: Pass the frozen heart around the circle while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the heart will be frozen. Use "The Frozen Heart" (Ice Worker's Song) as the background music. You can find this song on the Frozen soundtrack.

This Practically Perfect Party Game is played just like "Red Light, Green Light". Sound out Elsa, guests freeze. Say Anna, guests move. Say anything else like Olaf or Sven and they are out of the game. First one to cross the finish line in the winner.

Beef stroganoff

Are you fed up of eating the same meals on your Slimming World diet? Here are 5 great syn free slimming world recipes which all use beef. Save your syns for naughty treats and eat tasty filling meals

Slimming World Burger and chips - tried this, it's pretty good.

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a classic burger and chips dinner to hit the spot, so if you're on a diet (or not), choose this satisfying low-calorie Slimming World recipe.