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Chickweed – Stellaria media These usually appear May and July, you can eat the leaves raw or boiled, they’re high in vitamins and minerals!

Discover 52 edible wild plants that you can find growing all over the world. Wild plants offer incredible nutritional and medicinal properties.

chickweed easy-to-grow plant that’s healthy to eat, produces flowers throughout the growing season. Chickweed is multi-functional, its presence decreases insect damage to other plants. This plant has a lot of health benefits, full of vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients. Grows in many areas in a wide variety of habitats & soil textures. It is one of the most common weeds founds in lawns but it also grows well in cultivated fields, pastures, waste areas and even under deciduous…

Chickweed is an annual wild edible that grows in many locations and as hardy as it is, chickweed is quite delicate. This is an easy-to-grow plant that’s healthy to eat and it produces flowers throughout the growing season even in hot, dry conditions.

All About Chickweed, the Herb of the Month for June 2015

Chickweed is a common backyard weed, but it has many benefits for the herbal medicine chest and the common kitchen! Learn all about chickweed in this post.