Onion Halved - Edward Weston, 1930

Edward Weston, Onion – Halved, Carmel, 1930 Center for Creative Photography, Arizona Board of Regents

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From the series American Surfaces Looking at Stephen Shore's large-format pictures of America, it might be hard to believe the images were once controversial. The Landscape of Stephen Shore at the ICP By Carl Gunhouse, May 2007 Looking

Stephen Shore - photographed a lot of everyday objects and scenes he saw. BUT always with a keen eye for colour, composition, tone etc

stephen shore, atmosferas asépticas

Stephen Shore, Granite Oklahoma, from American Surfaces, July, 1972

Edward Weston. This pepper looks like a group of people hugging.

Edwards Weston - Pepper: manipulating the view of food. Tried to make every object look like something it is not - almost related everything to the human figure.

Room 28, Holiday Inn, Medicine Hat, Alberta, August 18, 1974 by Stephen Shore

Photography by Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore Room Holiday Inn, Medicine Hat, Alberta, August 1974 Courtesy of the artist.


I recently stumpled the portfolio of photographer Alec Soth. His work tells a story, and he knows how to capture just the right moment, mood or

Stephen Shore, Uncommon Places Series: Room 125, Westbank Motel, Idaho Falls, Idaho, July 18, 1973

Stephen Shore, an American photographer currently exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles, did throughout his life pictures that have marked time.

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