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Prayer for Controlling my Emotions

Only want to express positive emotions now that I no longer have to be prepared defensively against being bullied by my now estranged husband. His old way of living is not in my daily living.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts Prayer For Anxiety Explains

In some ways negative thinking is protective. It prevents us from leaping into danger. The problem occurs when negativity dominates our lives and affects interpersonal relationships. So how do we stop negative thoughts? Prayer for Anxiety explains.

Dear Oscar, This prayer appeared on my FB timeline, and it seemed so appropriate for you, I had to post it here. Love and blessings, Laura olcpfriends ~ click image to enlarge ~

7 Signs God is Talking and You Aren’t Listening

7 Signs God is Talking and You Aren’t Listening

Got Anxiety? You May Be Deficient In This One Mineral! - Ancestral Nutrition

If you have anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. - you might be deficient in this one mineral, it's estimated that of Americans are.

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