How to Build a Fabulous Floating Deck • Ideas, tips and tutorials!

How to Build a Fabulous DIY Floating Deck

Jardín vertical idéal pour fixe au mur avec plante aromatique

Jardín vertical usando un palé

This is apparently a garden shed. I say it's a little bit of heaven in the garden.

Modern Garden Gazebo These Bling Garden Sheds, Better Known As The Ecocube, From Ecospace Added on May 2016 at Write Teens


Pretty Curved Bench Built-in planters and side tables flank this deck dominated by a curved bench. The bench is constructed from green clear cedar planks, and the planters are made from tongue-and-groove cedar.

Instructions for constructing Gabion baskets

Instructions for constructing Gabion baskets. Baskets of rock may be used for walls, benches, tables, water features, or.


Hall facade curtain Bali is set chair Timber create a natural atmosphere (tropical back yard)

Interesting board layout

Large platform deck designed with diagonal floor board pattern and built with center steps leading to the patio.