I'd love to have kitchen wall entirely in glass like here and fell like outdoor is indoor. Abigail Ahern inspired look

hat’s not to love about panorama windows? These floor-to-ceiling glass beauties can be such an enrichment to a space, connecting interior with exterior. Provided of course, that the view the good enough. In a city, this can be challenging.

Elwood Townhouses / McAllister Alcock Architects

Gallery of Elwood Townhouses / McAllister Alcock Architects - 10

Image 10 of 13 from gallery of Elwood Townhouses / McAllister Alcock Architects. Photograph by Trevor Mein

Rear Glass Extension , London, Clapham Common, Slimline Sliding doors, Panoramah, LBMVarchitects

Clapham commo extension in London by LBMV architects / Slimline Sliding doors, Panorama

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Harold Street Residence / Jackson Clements Burrows - Architects - ressed red brickwork to the external facades

Hout-beton combi

BR House / Marcio Kogan

Built by Marcio Kogan in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with date Images by Nelson Kon. In terms of an architectural proposition, the BR House located in the countryside could not be more intriguing: situa.

Linea 3007 Bulk architecten

Linea 3007 Bulk architecten

Brick...beautiful brick.

Image 1 of 26 from gallery of Podfuscak Residence / Dva Arhitekta. Photograph by Robert Leš

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