Blonde ombré

ombre light and medium blonde. perfect for winter when my blonde doesn't get highlighted by the sun

tumblr_mr9tllnN7s1r65pkdo1_500.jpg 500×500 pixels this is what I was talking about mom from dirty blonde to a lighter blonde

Light brown / blonde hair I would want it to be blended more like ombre I hate dip die it looks so unprofessional

blonde dip dye | Tumblr

Lilac purple ombre hair - I wish my hair was blonde so I could dye it easier

Dip dye hair

I want to dye my hair ombre' soooo bad!I dunno if I want this style, or a colored ombre!

Dip Dye Hair Design 500x649 Pixel

Light brown hair Why I swapped my reddish hair colour for a neutral—but not quite ashy—blonde (and gave my colourist a hair gasm!)Love the color! Probably pretty close to my natural color, if only I had the patience to grow out the blonde :P

Caroline Flack With Dip Dye Hair, 2012

Dip Dye Hair: Celebrity Inspiration

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