Helicopter Damselfly (Megaloprepus sp.)

Helicopter Damselfly ~ I love dragonflies and damselflies; their my spirit animal!

Insect hotel, for beneficial insects and native mason bees, provides habitat for pollinators.

Garden advocates and artists in San Francisco have joined forces to find creative ways to bring nature back into the urban landscape HOUZZ {!

The Fable of the Ladybug and the Empusa by Fabien Bravin

Praying Mantis and Lady Bug-- too bad I know enough about Praying Manti to know he doesn't care that the ladybug is cute. "ladybug - Run! Looks like he's Out taking his lil pet out For a walk.


Stick insects, or walking sticks, are a group of highly camouflaged insects. They escape predation by blending into plant material.