love glitter polish but HATE how much of a pain it is to remove? step-by-step guide for getting that pesky glitter off with... wait for it... TIN FOIL. i'm serious. it's like magic.

Removing glitter nail polish : soak a small piece of a cotton ball in polish remover and stick it on your nail. Cover tips of fingers with tin foil, leave on for 5 minutes. Remove foil, and easily remove loose glitter with a cotton ball.

try minx nail polish (films)  for metallic colors. now available at sephora

Whimsical Birdcage Necklace

how to make your own fort!

Handcrafted hideouts frequently filled the rooms in my house as a kid. Give your kids their own secret space with one of these 25 DIY Hideouts: Forts, Tents, Teepees and Playhouses.

gold accented holiday gift wrap diy idea

Pin for Later: 51 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas For Any Occasion Gold-Accented Gift Wrap Gold is always a festive color to use for your presents. Add some glitz to your gifts with gold fringe.

coffee filter garland

Inspired by: Coffee filter crafts & ruffle things fluffy flowers paper dress pom pom garland foof ball ruffle wall decor I think I'll.

golden nails

Image via Gold nails Image via Gold Nail Art Designs. Image via Wedding gold nails for Image via The Golden Hour - Reverse Glitter Gradient nail art: two color colou

DIY paper flowers

I thinking paper flowers from book pages for the wall over Maggie's bed, since all she does is read now.

bow in bra

Cute DIY lingerie ideas -- I would work with black (or maybe white) lace and keep the bow smaller/detachable. I would prefer satin/silk for the bow, not organza.

painted antler sheds

This is a deer antler hand-painted with acrylic paint. Colors: Bronze, peach/flesh and dark purple Approximately 9 inches in length.