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This happened when I became close with the daughter in law she didn't like. How dare she befriend me and not be invited to EVERYTHING.and ugly heart.

One by one people have figured you out. Funny how small your family is getting. You even treated your own mother horrible. Yet your still playing the victim.

You might fool hundreds, but I will always be the one who figured you out. That is so true isn't it Dina. You are very good at fooling people . Yup actually a lot of people have you figured out but I was the first to see your true ugliness.

Children of Narcissists #NarcissisticAbuse #narcissism

Children who have a narcissistic parent are taught / programmed to believe that they have no rights. They learn that their feelings are wrong, invalid & unimportant. Therefore, the child hides their feelings out of fear of the parent's wrath.

I truly believe that my neighbor is a Sociopath. He copies everything we do and everything we have. He's scares me sometimes.

Not all sociopaths are criminals, they are often someone you know. They can be quite charming in the presence of friends and coworkers but among close relationships will fly into a rage at the least little thing.