Will this day ever end?

children and school, some things never change. I remember when school children were seated by grade rows, where the row represented what grade you were in. Ist grade was row grade was row and so on.

macrame wall hangings....I think I may have had one like this!

My mom used to do macramé, I remember a giant hanging glass table. The hanger was all macramé and beads! Macramé planters everywhere.

Joe and Petunia, 1970s

Public information adverts - Joe & Petunia ( Coastguard info ad) Joe sees a man drowning but Petunia only has eyes for the Lifeguard. Loved these films, classy and they did what they were supposed

Vintage Mid Century Wooden Pencil Box - Wooden Pencil Box - Slide Lid Hidden Compartment

Vintage pencil box with hidden compartment and (not shown) decorated sliding lid - I still have mine, which was my Dad's before he gave it to me.

Vintage Mothercare night gown. My mum had some of these for my brother when he was born.

Vintage Infant White Cotton Flannel Nightgown & Robe w/Embroidery 12lbs 22" B11

Loved collecting the stamps for my Mum.

Loose Tea and saving the stamps.My gran used to save the stamps on a card. We got into Saturday morning pictures with an empty tea packet when Brooke Bond did a special show. My cousin won a bendy rubber monkey, around 1964 I

Playing in the Dirt...we all loved it! Playing in the dirt was my hobby :D Making mud pies, finding rose quartz, worms and so on... : )

Playing in the Dirt.we all loved it! Playing in the dirt was my hobby :D Making mud pies, finding rose quartz, worms and so on.


John Bull CHILDS PRINTING SET, I stamped every one of my Dads huge book collection with "This book belongs.and our address

Savings stamps

National Savings Stamp Book, obviously the saver did not pay attention to the note on bottom asking them not to stick different value stamps on the same page !

The chewing gum machine outside shops that delivered two packets for every fourth penny inserted.

My Dads shop in Ardleigh Green Hornchurch had a few of these, Wrigleys, Beech Nut, Cadburys Chocolate and Terry's Pastilles. He also had a huge cigarette machine which used to be wheeled in front of the door when he closed up in the evening.


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Ink wells - always had bits of blotting paper at the bottom!

Ink wells were common in the old desks in primary school. It was an honour to be chosen to be the 'ink monitor'.