Sir David Attenborough

PP - "Sir David Attenborough is my absolute idol. This year I will see him when he visits Sydney to present his Life on Earth Tour. The day I see him is the day I cross off my bucket list seeing my hero speak.

Grayson Perry  He looks amazing

I love Grayson Perry - his work is witty, intelligent, steeped in cultural/art history, interesting, perceptive & socially relevant.

Steven Fry - of course. Is there any dinner party list he's not on??

I simply adore Stephen Fry. He's hilarious and brilliant, two things I find hard to resist.

Shami Chakrabati, director of Liberty.

Shami Chakrabarti by Gillian Wearing, 2011 © National Portrait Gallery, London; commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery with the suppo.

Clearly for deep and meaningful conversation.......    george clooney - Google Search

what's hotter than young george clooney? old george clooney. what's hotter than old george clooney? old george clooney with a beard!