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UmWowStudio: My Motivational Art Journal Page

UmWowStudio: My Motivational Art Journal Page, featuring a stenciled background, four vertical paintbrushes, and an Andy Warhol quote.

Jenndalyn Art Collage can be used to frame certain objects

My process is not planned; it&rsquo;s all stemmed from intuition. I just start gluing. And doodling. And gluing some more. And before I know it, my mind has spilled out onto paper, into a physical form.

Biro Facial Features

It's really important to show annotate your work to explain how and why you are using techniques. Even if you don't like a drawing explain that in annotations and show how your improving your artwork

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Quite like the idea of this for a visual mind map maybe.

I like how all the lips are different and in different colours but they're all… More

i love sketching / painting lips

Artist Research Page, Francoise Nielly | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

do that for jenny savile with page filled with fleshy tones and colours Artist Research Page, Francoise Nielly

idea of facing pages relating in an art journal - this is by Jenndalyn Art

Art journal pages by Jenndalyn Art.

Finding inspiration from traditional pop art techniques to compose a final structure for Marilyn Monroe. This is page allowed me to also look at different aspects within pop art and use combined colours to create a visual large-scale.

Don't let pages be filled with annotations, whilst they are extremely important to have to get good marks, this is still your ART book, drawings need to be present throughout

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GCSE sketchbook about Karl Blossfeldt

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