Lou Aisbitt
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Christmas cakes. Encourage your children to weigh out the ingredients. Use the phrases... Which is heavier? Which is lighter? How much more .... did we neeed?

Mini Christmas Tree Cupcakes - These mini Christmas tree cupcakes are super easy and fun to make. All it takes is some buttercream icing, piping bags, tips and sprinkles. You can be as creative as you like, there is more than one way to pipe a tree!

My kids and I love having fun making treats for various holidays. One of their favorite things to make (even when it is just an ordinary Tuesday) is Rice Krispie Treats. I thought I’d turn t ...

If your kids love rice krispie treats, you have GOT to make these adorable Halloween Pumpkins! They are easy to make (takes around 15 - 20 min is all) and your kids will think you are super mom (or dad)!