Lucrezia Chiarle

Lucrezia Chiarle

se mi tagliassero a pezzetti il vento li raccoglierebbe
Lucrezia Chiarle
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Trees and Undergrowth - Vincent Van Gogh

dappled with shadow:Trees and Undergrowth - Vincent Van Gogh

Bring Nature Into Your Home with These Illuminated Tree Stumps

We are craving a connection with nature in our homes, the designs from Duncan Meerding including his Cracked Log Lamp and Stump Lamp are giving you this in droves

These are BEAUTIFUL. We have a few sections of tree stump that we saved when our neighbor's tree got cut down. Not sure if they'd be as gorgeous as these, but I'll see...

Bryan Nash Gill Woodcut Printmaking from nature. This is a great idea! Wish I had some old wood laying around in my yard. Oh wait I do !