neat idea for a photo booth

polaroid photo booth - This is very similar to the one I was looking for, a suspended polaroid frame for the photobooth. :) link doesn't go to this photo.

cute idea - but share your pearl of wisdom?

Key to success / wedding guest book idea. Ask your guests to write down their keys to a successful marriage

The coconut shy

A 50's Halterneck Wedding Dress for a Very British London Wedding

What a cute idea (and different!) -- if you and your fiancé play Jenga!

Jenga Guestbook - Instead of a guestbook, have guests write on Jenga pieces. Every time you play Jenga, you’ll be reminded of all the well wishes.

DIY this!

cloud 9 Weddings & Papers: We're Crazy About: Photo Booth Mustaches and Attire from Funny Side of Life

Jenga Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book Alternative: Have each guest sign their name/write note on a side of a Jenga piece.

Wellie wanging. This English invention sees participants hurling their waterproof Wellington boots as far as possible, directly from their feet, impossible to do with grace. The sport is freestyle, whether your wanging technique is one-handed, two-handed or between the legs. Learn more about wellie wanging & its origins in the village of Upperthong here – this is also where you’re most likely to find some fellow wangers.

Not the Olympic Games: 5 odd sports in Great Britain