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Gender equality

The double standards for men and women go both ways. Feminism is good for men too, because it strives to find a way for men and women to be treated equally and not be controlled by gender norms.

I love the internet because of this

I love the internet because of this. This put a smile on my face even though I feel bad. I like Ronaldo

Delete all your social media accounts right now . They are stupid . Isolated bubbles in the form of social networks . Can we please return back to sending telegraphs and having fun without telling the world . Can we please return to stalking people in person rather than their Facebook page ? Okay that's not a good idea . Go back to whatever you were doing

People stunt so hard for social media. What is he doing?

We have rounded up some funny examples of How NOT To Edit in Photoshop.

We have rounded up some funny examples of how not to edit pictures in Photoshop. *claps very slowly

Can anyone edit #DonaldTrump into photoshop?

omgsh i love whoever did this! although not a fan of the first one.i am a big fan of the fifth one!

James Fridman Photoshops Your Images with Hilarious Results | Digital Trends

Photoshop comedian James Fridman will take your photoshop request and give you exactly what you asked for, but with a slight twist.