Louisa Mc Nickle

Louisa Mc Nickle

Louisa Mc Nickle
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I would not have sent this to you if I did not mean it with my whole being. I love you so much Beth.

If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. Suggestions for some I Love You Quotes For Her will make the lady in your life fall in love all over again.

I just want to be happy. My heart is so heavy and so broken. I know I will survive. But my heart will never be the same.

Her heart was heavy yet she held her own. Broken, she found strength within pain. I think her smile hid the tears. She was everything, treated like nothing, left to feel nothing but she survived. She always survived.

A strange thing to pin, but I think this explains the regret behind bad decisions that hurt others very well

A Betrayal - I cannot undo what I have done; I can't un-sing a song that's sung. And the saddest thing about my regret – I can't forgive me and you can't forget.” To Sheila, may she forgive me for what I have done.