Rincones (13)

Rincones (13

Self-Portrait Space/Area-to inspire exploration of 'who we are'-Alison Camire ·

This would be amazing - do photos of your child with the art at that age...

Mini Me monochrome self portrait display shared by ABC Does (",) Avec la photo…

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Identity panels in my classroom.

Identity Boards: Read the Book Ish. Take Photos of the Children and Cut Them in Half. The Children Draw the Other Half of their Face. Then Draw Self-Portraits. Scan the Portraits and Create Identity boards. The Children Can Write their Names Too.

classroom environments: Image of the child - started by reading the book ish. I love that book!

Self portraits #darlamyersclass

Beautiful self portrait display from Darla

Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Exploring Self-Portraits. Self-portrait provocation

Exploring Self-Portraits

Exploring Self-Portraits. Self-portrait provocation

Preschool projects

together we make a family -includes child's, photo, self portrait, hand print. it is hung on string with clothes pegs