Geometric concrete water fountains !

This is a Brutalist Fountain. I really like the design and thought process of this fountain. I see a delusion of movement .I also think the water which has also been included is very cleaver because water has its own movement of element.

6a architects, Johan Dehlin · Juergen Teller Studio

architects designed a studio building for the fashion and fine art photographer, Juergen Teller, spanning a long and narrow plot in West London.

Pocket Park Fyrisån - Kristoffer Sundin

Swedish City Builds Floating Pocket Park to Promote Urban Farming

olafur eliasson versailles

The artist installed his iconic installations throughout the lavish palace and gardens.

The Doric Boule - Nick Ross - Design Studio

nick ross creates granite bench installation in central court of world's second largest granite building in aberdeen, scotland.

Pocket Park Fyrisån - Kristoffer Sundin

A Floating Pocket Garden in Sweden On the river Fyrisån in Uppsala, Sweden’s location with the highest number of allotments per person, sits a pocket garden which comes complete with edible, wild or.