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Bryony - This picture relates to Marxism as it shows how the Bourgeoisie use Capitalism to benefit themselves, as they can distribute the wealth, power and status. Which keeps the Ruling class rich and the subject class poor.

Capitalism: 20 000 000 people starve to death every year, yet, we have more than enough food to go around. And people claim this system works.


Criminology Theories: The Varied Reasons Why People Commit Crimes

One in four adolescents is a criminal!

MailOnline Australia - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories

In a bizarre story out of Manchester, England, a young boy convinced his friend to stab him multiple times over MSN chat. The case resulted in the United Kingdom’s first-ever conviction of a “victim” for inciting their own murder.

Dirty Hillary, Guilty of Treason and Murder, Ill and Ineligible to Run for President - Freedom Outpost

Prison System in Orange is the new black

California's Prison-Litigation Nightmare by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Autumn 2013

These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes... this is normal by the way!

These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes. this is normal by the way!

More often then naught, your reality is fueled by pre existing perceptions in your head!

White Conservatives Justify Their Racism By Claiming Black Criminals Are Racists