Raven Spires, Glasgow, Scotland

Raven Spires, Glasgow, Scotland

Raven Spires, Glasgow, Scotland The ravens look a little scary but this is an awesome picture.

<3 creepy

LadyE If this is not haunted, it should be!Great place to film a classic horror movie! Stay Safe while you to such Scary and Haunted places


Chateau Rollencourt in Angres Liévin (France). It was destroyed in WWI.Small photograph from a WWI soldier’s album.

Gothic castle

can& have enough gloomy gothic castles ~ Stock: moon: mine steps: ~BreedStock bats: trees: Wikimedia Commons castle: own resources.

Before I saw the label "Daniel Danger, The Wolfman," I thought "Are we at Dracula's castle yet?" -- so good job, Daniel Danger!

Taboo Cotton, my newest obsession This is my new Migidoll modded Ryu. Faceup and mods by me Enjoy! *Photos taken at the Place-Saint-Henri metro station . The Escapist

The Camellia Bustle Skirt features yards of gathered tulle skirting with several drawstring ribbon bustles from waist to hem. Just slide the tulle up the ribbon casing, and tie at your desired length! via Rose Mortem

Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri / Had to have been something there long ago; all that is left is this mysterious angel.

Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri. If I came across this in the forest, I would be seriously alarmed. This looks like a suitable place for a weeping angel to lurk.