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ladies of the sixties. Babs. Hippies, 1960s Makeup, 60s Makeup, Barbara Streisand, Patti Hansen, 70s Makeup, Lauren Hutton, Farrah Fawcett, Barbra Streisand
ladies of the sixties. Babs.
a woman in a pink coat and dress standing on a rug with her hands on her hips
The Trend Report
The Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2014 (Vogue.com UK)
a woman in a pink dress is sitting on a rug with her legs crossed and flowers behind her
{fashion inspiration | editorial : cara delevingne by walter pfeiffer} :: TIG | an intelligent guide to the internets for the aesthetically inclined
a woman kneeling down with a flower in her hand and wearing a pink dress on the ground
Icon’s favourite flowers
Icon’s favourite flowers | Funny how flowers do that
1968 Fashion, 1960 Fashion, Fashion 1960s, Moda Retro, Swinging Sixties, Sixties Fashion, Bill Blass
Iconic Fashion Label Is Back And Better Than Ever