Spinach Egg Cups

I bet I can do this with egg whites! Recipe for Spinach Quiche Cups - The spinach quiche is truly a healthy low-carb and gluten-free breakfast.

Detox with one of these great detox waters!

7 DIY Detox Water Recipes

Diets and Riots: Syn Free Spring Rolls (Slimming World Style)

Diets and Riots: Syn Free Spring Rolls (Slimming World Style) - a great idea in principle, but mine didn't turn out anything like this

I love this superspeed soup - filling, tasty and all free food or speed food!  Diets and Riots: Slimming World Superspeed Soup

Super free soup, proven to boost weightloss and tastes amazing! How many does it serve? 1 person, for a week! How long does it take? 30 minutes, plus prep Is it syn free? Hells Yeah it is!

Slimming World Brownie

Pretty and Polished: Slimming World Brownies. Works out as syns in total for the whole tin (including the icing). So you would just need to cut them into however many squares you like and work out the individual portion's syn value.

slimming world friendly recipes i have tried: Syn free scotch eggs

makes 6 boil 6 eggs 8 syn free pork sausages from oh so lean 2 whisked eggs half finely chopped onion mixed herbs smash powd.

Barbecue meatloaf – Recipes – Slimming World

We've given this family favorite a Food Optimizing makeover. Our rich, tasty meatloaf is just ½ Syn per portion—and it will satisfy the heartiest appetite.