fabulous modernization, london.

this couple in London craved order, light, and space but were prepared to settle for a washing machine. In came architect William Tozer with a plan that inserted clean white planes into the envelope of their Victorian terrace house in London.

An Extended Roof Life, Increased Building Insulation, Reduced Heat Island Effect, Reduced Runoff, Natural Habitat.  Why not?

The Benefits of a Green Roof

Green-Roofed Euclid Avenue House is an Ecologically Sensitive Dream Home Euclid Avenue House-Levitt Goodman Architects – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Slats in the roof, excellent idea

Outdoor dining and living, like how the vergola extends to cover entire outdoor space - can provide shade and cover during wet weather and opened on sunny days

Living roof...love the use of ferns in this shaded area.

A small, single-story addition to the row house adds a playroom without eating up too much outdoor space. A green roof also helps makes up for lost garden beds, while creating attractive, leafy views from the second and third floors. In summer, when the s

Quality German manufactured Glass Houses | Glass Rooms | Verandas | Contemporary Conservatories

Quality German manufactured Glass Houses | Glass Rooms | Verandas | Contemporary Conservatories

Bring your living space outdoors with couches, cushions and an open roof.

Privacy screens, lighting, an outdoor kitchen and safety measures for pets make this spacious rooftop patio comfy for all

Garage Conversion By Shed Architects. 300 sf.

From garage to a 320 sq. ft room/apartment by SHED Architecture & Design- idea: build garage/apartment to live in while building dream home.

stunning contemporary conservatory extension by AR Design Studio = Sevenoaks

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