Penguin macaroons

oh my heavens! how cute are these Penguin Macarons with Eggnog Ganache by raspberri cupcakes. Cute idea for cookie decoration or cupcakes.

Sweet treats

Simple Christmas Food Gifts

Homemade S'mores make a delicious and easy Christmas gift. Our simple s'mores kit comes complete with homemade graham crackers in a decorative gift box.

Vanilla sugar

Making vanilla sugar is very simple; it's all about the beans. Great for holiday gifts and grab bags. A great Gifts from the Kitchen idea too.

Honey roasted nuts

Festive honey-roasted nuts

This year, instead of buying a whole load of expensive packets of spiced roasted nuts nuts or honey-roasted ones, make your own and give them to a friend as a foodie gift!

Lemon-Orange Bitters

DIY Holiday Food Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Meyer Lemon-Orange Bitters - Making your own bitters is a labor of love, so use the highest-quality ingredients you can, such as unwaxed organic citrus and top-shelf vodka. Gentian can be found online or at some health-food stores.

Chocolate and pistachio meringues

Chocolate and pistachio meringues

Chocolate truffles

Nestled in tissue paper as a festive gift or on the Christmas dinner table for pudding haters, try homemade chocolate truffles this season.

Cheese biscuits

Cheese sablés

A simple Cheese sables recipe for you to cook a great meal for family or friends. Buy the ingredients for our Cheese sables recipe from Tesco today.