Flower Garden Play Dough

Flower Garden Play Dough Invitation - could also have green play dough for grass instead of dirt-ideas for indoor play with loose part materials.

Invitation to Create Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays

Invitation to Create-Play Dough Skeletons or fine motor play for Halloween or Dinosaur fun

Jungle small world :: play dough fun

Jungle small world :: play dough fun On offer today we had some homemade green play dough, some leaves and flowers picked from the garden, and a few stalks of broccoli.

Baking Soda Dough

Quick and easy baking soda dough recipe. How to make baking soda dough sea art and starfish tutorial. Great craft with the kids!

We've been having more of a challenge teaching our son to "want" to count versus our daughter. Playdough learning tray with rocks and leaves. Open ended play based learning for preschool and kindergarten.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Play Dough

Rocky Shore Small World with Ocean Playdough

Rocky Shore Sensory Play (w/ an Ocean Playdough Recipe): A fun tide pool imaginative play activity for preschoolers and kindergarten!

Play Dough Patterns

simple play dough patterns with loose parts. you could then paint the dough and press a sheet of paper over it for a print.

Gingerbread man storytelling with play dough

I am going to be talking a lot about this in my Mark Maker conference on Friday in Manchester. I know lots of practitioners struggle with what to put on the Malleable Materials table that isn’…