View of the Crusch Alba (white cross) renovation by Gus Wustemann. Beautiful indirect lighting.

Lighting: Architect: Crusch Alba/Gus Wustemann Project: CASA Location: Barcelona- light is emitted behind the walls, reflecting on the ceiling to create cool, bright, diffused light.


Soweto Cricket Oval was designed by Jo Noero of Noero Architects, an award-winning architecture firm based in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I like the conjunction of natural textures in the geometric forms and the hidden light feature. house by gus wustemann

Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann

2 verandas, Erlenbach, Gus Wustemann 2012

Two Verandas by Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann, who used raw concrete, oak and travertine to create the smooth walls and floors of this home and pool house overlooking Lake Zurich. The pool pavilion is clad in timber. (Photo by Bruno Helbling)

Bathroom inside the Feldbalz House by architect Gus Wustemann _

Image 15 of 31 from gallery of Feldbalz House / Gus Wüstemann Architects. Photograph by Bruno Helbling