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an advertisement for the book athazagorpphobiaia, featuring a rock in the ocean
lockscreens — phobias
Blazemoche (n.) – The therapeutic tranquility one feels when listening to the crackling and burning of firewood. Sayings, Wise Words, Great Words, Words Of Wisdom, Weird Words, Cool Words
Blazemoche wallpaper
an empty road with the words thantrophobia on it and foggy mountains in the background
a black and white photo with the words mizpah in front of it
Mizpah, The Deep Emotional Bond Between People -Deep Quotes
two people sitting on a bench with the words anam cara in front of them
Anam Cara
an old typewriter with the words eufoony on it
a woman looking at her reflection in a mirror with the caption, maga n
the words noctiphany are in front of a dark background with lightning
a black and white photo with the words brumous on it in front of trees
Unusual Words
a close up of a piece of paper with words on it and an image of the word karios
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