Scaffolding on a large scale!!

source: unknown DKI in West Bloomfield, MI, specializes in the selective demolition of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. For more information call or visit www.

So as far as choosing between an LLC and a corporation, what’s the best structure for you?

Starting a business: What type of entity should I create

'Shabolovka Radio Tower, Moscow, Russia' by English photographer Richard Pare The tower was designed in 1922 by Russian engineer & architect Vladimir Shukhov via arch daily

Justice By Chris Valle Photography.  Long Beach, California

architectureofdoom: “elinka: “ justice By Chris Valle Photography ” Long Beach, California ”

Part of an oil platform headed from Corpus Christi, Texas to it's location in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bullwinkle’s oil rig platform bottom half heads out to sea through the ferry landing section of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Texas, USA, during its late construction. Since its installation.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures. It is usually a modular system of metal pipes or tubes, although it can be from other materials. Bamboo is frequently used in Asia, such as Hong Kong.

From a distance, scaffolding looks like a maze of criss-crossing steel pipes that encircles a building. But peer closely and you will realiz.

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