Create Squirt Happy Turtlecakes, a recipe inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, with step by step instructions. Enjoy this recipe with your kids and family.

Sweet Kebabs! Yummy!

12 custom candy kabobs made per order. Select option from above or specify what candy you prefer.

This week's retro sweets recipe is for drumstick lollies cocktails. They're totally fabulous, easy to make and very sweet!

Sprite and gummy bear popsicles! Great idea for kids birthday parties! Take any type of popsicle container and place gummy bears in side then pour sprite over. And stick it on the freezer over-night.

FUN science for kids: Jelly bean taste test experiment. **do this with the gross Harry Potter Jelly Bellies!

As the guests arrived, they made a couple of guesses at our guessing booth. The person that guessed the correct number of candies was given the jar full of goodies to take home.