Aren't they just adorable.

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics swan mom, - swim Mom.we want to see the other side of the lake.

Lion family

The Lion family ~ Lions are the only cats to hang out in large family groups and I feel like papa cat.

Frosty ~ By Mark Bridger

This looks like little deer faces I could see if I went spotting with my Dad like I did when I was a little girl in the winter Frosty ~ By Mark Bridger

psychedelic Guess campaign by Wayne Maser     1996

Wayne Maser for Guess 1996 Face, colors.

vintage wallpaper with swallows -  rondini

I love swallows and what they represent.I actually want to get a tattoo of one.

Papier-Mache Dogs by Lorraine Corrigan

INCREDIBLE PAPER MACHE DOGS : Lorraine Corrigan of Hounds of Bath in England works with wire, papier mâché, and old book pages to capture the delicate features of sighthounds.

Fish  6 Fish on 10 inch Melamine Plate by TheMadPlatters on Etsy, $18.00

Fish II 6 Fish on a 10 inch Melamine Plate with от TheMadPlatters


Collection of Feathers ~ artist Naomi Tydeman

Pencil Sketches of Objects | Project 5: Still Life, Exercise 2: Composition of natural objects

pencil sketches of objects - still life - exercise - composition of natural objects

still life paintings - paintings by erin fitzhugh gregory

still life paintings - paintings by erin fitzhugh gregory. Love her work!