UpCycled plastic straws. Liangchao Shao - experiment - bracelet - straw (BIAD) www.shao-design.com/

Recycled Fashion - sculptural cuff bangle made from plastic straws; I want to see the entire straw outfit!

Frosted plastic necklace with cascading discs; contemporary jewellery design // Catrine Berlatier

Frosted plastic necklace with cascading discs by Australian art jeweler and designer Catrine Berlatier.

Sculptural Necklace - beautiful dimensional texture inspired by organic form; art jewellery // lucid houdkova, UNOSTO

Jewelry by UNOSTO

Lucie Houdkova-- necklace tracing paper, stainless steel - Academy of Art, Architecture and Design Praag (CZ) - Marzee Galerie