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Aprilia RSV Factory - Hersteller: Aprilia Land: Baujahr: 2009 Typ Superbike Modell-Code: k. Leistung: k. Speed: 280 km/h Aufrufe: Bike-ID: 107

Holy Baron sci fi special forces spec ops soldier futuristic future design armor swords energy blade light saber custom design by soulsurvivor.jpg (704×502)

Samples of Inspiring Sci Fi Character Designs. This article features a collection of Sci Fi costumes and high tech armor worn by various c.

刀 Katana (Japanese sword)  Want a real one, not a replica that will break.

The name for a double sword, shaped in all forms and purposes, like a Japanese katana. Joined at both the top and bottom of the hilt, pulled apart with a small switch at the bottom. Can be used as both one or two swords.