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Sarychev volcano (Russia’s Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan) - The plume has hit a layer of air with moisture in it. It’s raised by the plume causing a reduction in pressure (its now higher). That causes the moisture to form a cloud.

Here’s a striking view of Sarychev Volcano in Kuril Islands of Japan going through its early stage of eruption, taken from the orbit of the International Space Station in June For more info on this picture, head over to NASA’s Earth Observatory!

cauliflower yellow lentil curry

Cauliflower Yellow Lentil Curry - partial adapted shopping list: fresh ginger yellow lentils or yellow split peas Indian spices apricot jam cilantro (mango)

Wish there was a way to eat chocolate and lose weight *sighs* oh well *takes huge bite of chocolate cupcake*

Make chocolate ganache for cake filling, candy filling and dipping with pastry pro Heather Bertinetti’s three recipes. Chocolate Ganache (for Cake Filling) Makes about 2 cups (enough to fill a three-layer cake) This ganache has a firmer body and is …

I've got a cast iron skillet just like this - time to put it to work: from Naomi Robinson of Bakers Royale

Cherry-whiskey upside down cake recipe. Delicious cake with a whiskey whipped cream topping baked in an iron skillet. Endless Simmer shares this recipe for