Bill Viola: The Sleep of Reason, Video Installation, 1988.  The combination of time based imagery and physical work really draws the viewer into an immersive experience. The ideas are on film and become real, right in front of you, so close you could touch it.

firsttimeuser: The Sleep of Reason, 1988 by Bill Viola Bill Viola - Selected Works

Martyrs by Bill Viola at St Paul's in London

Hallelujah! Why Bill Viola's Martyrs altarpiece at St Paul's is to die for

Bill Viola - Grand Palais 2014

Bill Viola: Liber Insularum - Retrospective at MOCA. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) North Miami has announced it will present a major exhibition of work by Bill Viola, recognized as one of the pioneers and leading practitioners of video art.

Bill Viola Emergence still

Il Rinascimento Elettronico di Bill Viola a Firenze